Lithium Battery Recycling

With our recycling program we can provide batteries a fully realized life through reuse, repair, and repurposing. We can harness the remaining life cycles by taking lithium batteries that are old, broken, neglected, or not needed anymore. When batteries go to recycling plants, they are normally destructively recycled which can recover some of the raw materials for re-use. However, the vast majority of these batteries are still in the top 80% of their life cycle. There is a significant amount of energy and resources that go into making battery cells which is wasted if destructively recycled. Removing all the battery casings & circuity, the raw battery cells can be harvested. Harvested cells can then be tested and reused in other applications before going to end of life recycling. Most of the time harvested cells can be reused for single cell applications or smaller DIY battery projects. If you would like to know more contact us! We currently take PEV batteries such as e-bikes & scooters. We do not take any lead acid, AGM, EV, power tools, drone, or any smaller batteries for recycling.