Lithium Battery Rebuilds

A rebuild is when all the lithium cells of battery are all replaced for a complete refresh of the battery. With a rebuild we are often able to increase your capacity 25-75% from original. We able to do this for your old or dying e-bike (and other) lithium batteries. Sometimes brands/models are no longer in production or are extremely over-priced. Usually we rebuild the battery to a larger capacity (Ah/Wh) than original for less than the cost of new. We only use the highest quality, highest capacity Samsung/LG cells that are in the form factors of 18650 & 21700. Besides giving the battery a second full life, additional advantages of a higher capacity rebuild include: a longer lifetime battery, more range, and in some cases more discharge power & higher cell quality. If you are not sure if a rebuild is right for you or would like a quote, please contact us anytime.