EasyMotion Battery - Repair - Rebuild

We are able to repair and rebuild batteries from all BH EasyMotion “Emotion” models at our Surrey, BC location. The most common issues we see are very low voltage cells, BMS failures, cell failures, or low range. We can usually repair a battery as long as the cells have not completely failed. However, If the cells have failed or are too low capacity, the battery can be rebuilt with new higher capacity cells for more range than original. For EasyMotion Neo/Evo batteries we can rebuild up to 36V 14Ah. Please contact us if you have a broken or not working EasyMotion battery or are interested in more range. We can take drop offs or receive and ship back batteries.

We can work with all models including:

BH EasyMotion Neo 36V

BH EasyMotion Evo 36V

BH EasyMotion Evo 48V

BH EasyMotion Atom

BH EasyMotion Rebel

BH EasyMotion Evo City Wave

BH EasyMotion Lynx

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