E-Bike Lithium Battery Services

We are the lithium battery servicing experts. Located in Surrey, BC, our services solution center is set up to perform services on lithium batteries from all major brands. We diagnose, repair, rebuild, recycle, and make new customized batteries using the best manufacturers highest capacity 18650 & 21700 cells. Batteries from e-bikes and other PEVs can be repaired if broken or rebuilt with more range than original if dead or dying. Please contact us for shipping/drop off address. 

Brands that we work with include: GenZe, iGo, Surface604, RadPower, MOSCOW, DOST, Juiced, Easymotion (E Motion), Bosch, Sondors, Stromer, Yunbike, Trikke, BCEbike, EbikeBC, Alter Ego, Panasonic, UnitPackPower Pedego, Cube, Biktrix, Janobike, Alien, Rize, Hyper, Aventon, GoTrax, Gio, Motorino, Voltbike, Emmo, Envo, TranX, Rayvolt, Raleigh, & Reention. 

PLEASE NOTE: We do not deal with lead acid/AGM (can be replaced with lithium), small lithium batteries, cell phones, laptops, car audio, or power tool batteries. 


Common Batteries