Tiny 12V Smart LiFePO4 Battery – 310Ah – 4kWh

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There is no comparison. The smallest and lightest 4kWh of power you can get and it is built in Canada. Complete customization and bulk/dealer pricing available so please contact us! At 12V 310Ah our Tiny 12V battery provides the most power possible for the size and weight. Our smart Bluetooth BMS lets you know what’s going on at all times. LiFePO4 is some of the longest lasting and safest lithium chemistries.


Using four of our high capacity 3.2V 310Ah prismatic cells translates into more reliability; less parts, less issues. Our cells are designed to use full depth of discharge giving maximum capacity when required. You always have the option (through Bluetooth) to change the charging and discharging parameters to a 20%-90% cycle to extend the lifetime of the battery. Compared to lead acid, lithium offers more that 2x more power per rated Ah as well as consistent voltage.

Cycle Life

If you use a full cycle daily, it will be 8-13.5 years until you realize a 20% capacity loss. This means with the 310Ah, after 3000 – 5000 cycles you would still have up to 248Ah of usable power. The battery can easily have a useful life of more than 10,000 cycles/25 years in most applications. This is the only battery you will need, which is why we include our 10-year warranty, but do expect it to run much longer.

Smart BMS

Lithium batteries require a battery management system (BMS) to ensure proper voltage and temperature cut-offs. Separating our batteries with our smart Bluetooth BMS, you can set parameters of charging and discharging, monitor real time usage, see available power left, and turn on and off all from your phone. At any time, you will know how much power you’re discharging or charging and how much you have left. The BMS has automatic high/low temp and voltage cut-offs to maximize your battery life. We use quality JBD BMS for our Tiny 12V systems.


LiFePO4 chemistry cannot be charged in 0 °C or discharged in -20 °C which is why our BMS disable these functions when low temperatures are detected. Depending on your battery location and climate, you may require your battery to work in colder weather. Our batteries can come with built-in automatic heating. The optional heater can keep the battery temperature above 0 °C to allow all functions to work in any weather. The heater uses very little power to keep everything warm.

Amp Rates

Our smart BMS is rated to output 150A continuous with a 300a peak (3 seconds) and charging up to 150A continuously. By paralleling units, you can multiply amperage rates by number of paralleled batteries. Please gauge your wiring accordingly to account for your expected loads.


The most important thing to all our batteries is safety. LiFePO4 is one of the safest lithium chemistries and will not catch on fire like other li-ion batteries. There is no venting or required maintenance with these batteries. Storage losses are under 3% per month so you can leave the battery dormant for long periods without issues.


There is no lighter or smaller battery per kWh. Our batteries are made using the smallest size case possible and to be portable. The lead acid equivalent would be 6x heavier and larger. This battery can be oriented however you need to fit in your battery space. On these batteries we use a very durable plastic ABS case.


Our Tiny 12V is capable of up to 4 series and 4 paralleled batteries. If you require a specific voltage and Ah, please see our King-Pawn battery system for a single BMS option for multiple batteries. We also offer a more feature packed Power N Go power station. If you require more capacity, voltage, or anything else please contact us directly as we can do anything!


Tiny 12V Spec Sheet

Drop Acid

Weight25 kg
Dimensions37 × 19 × 27 cm
Built-in Heating

No, Yes

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