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The RB Smart LCD is a battery display for our newest Micro and Nano series batteries with a RS458 Cat6 port. In addition to the BTBMS smart app, you can have a physical display for real-time monitoring of a single battery.

The RB Smart LCD displays:

  • Battery Voltage*
  • Individual Cell Voltages
  • Amperage In/Out (net metered)*
  • Time Left to Empty/Full*
  • Status
  • Alarms
  • Charge/Discharge State
  • Capacity Left*
  • Temperature*
  • Cycles

All items above are shown in the Bluetooth app, therefore the LCD is not required to view battery data. The LCD is not made for batteries in series. Comes with either a 3m cable for the LCD or a LCD to female Cat6 port to add your own ethernet cable of any length.

*can still used to monitored for multiple batteries in parallel.

Batteries the RB Smart LCD is compatible with:

Micro 12V 320Ah
Micro 24V 320Ah
Nano 12V 170Ah
Nano 24V 170Ah

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