Dorado 48V 20Ah 21700 18″ Battery


The longer range battery for any 505L Reention Dorado battery system.

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Please CONTACT US for compatibility. There is free shipping on these batteries. This battery is a larger diameter at the top but has the same exact mounting as its lower Ah counterparts. Compatible with many brands like Surface604, iGo, Rad Power, Pace. Gio, Biktrix, e-Joe, Volt Bike, Samson, Juiced, Rize, NCM Moscow, Smartmotion, FLX, and many more. There should be no need to change anything with your current mounting system if you do have a compatible bike.


Note: There are 2 different lengths of Dorado cases. This version of the battery is closer to 18″ tip to tail (called the 505L) where as the smaller version is 15.5″ tip to tail (called the 440L). The 440L mounting system is not compatible as it is too short. If you have viewed the images below and are still unsure of if this battery is compatible with your E-bike, please CONTACT US as we are happy to help! If you want a bit more range see the Reention Dorado 48V 25Ah 21700 Battery or for the shorter Reention Dorado 48V 20Ah 21700 Battery 15.5″ version may be what you’re looking for.

Length For Reention Dorado 48V 20Ah 21700 505L

Dorado Ebike Battery Dorado Ebike Battery


Specs of the Reention Dorado 48V 20AH 21700 505L


Battery Type
Dorado 48V 20Ah 21700 505L
Cells Type
LG M50T 5000mAh
Cells Combination
13S4P 52PCS 21700 cells
Nominal Voltage
Nominal Capacity
Max Charing Voltage
Output Voltage Range
Discharge Cut-off Voltage
Max Continuous Discharge Current
Motor Power
1000W max
Standard Charing Current
Max Charing Current
458mm x 61.4mm x 104mm – 18″ x 2.4″ x 4″
5kg – 11lbs
Charing Port
Battery Size
L505 (18″ tip to tail)
USB Port
Charing Temperature
Discharging Temperature
Storage Temperature
Optional 3A Charger Available
BMS Functions
Protections from over charging ,over discharging, short circuit


Returns: There will be a 20% restocking fee on any returns unrelated to warranty. Returns are accepted up to 15 days after arrival. Please  CONTACT US about compatibility before you buy if you are unsure.