Canadian Built Solar Batteries

We are proud to assemble all our solar batteries in our Canadian warehouse out of Surrey, BC. All of our repairs, services, and research & development are conducted from this location. Since we can do everything in-house, there will always be prompt service without huge wait times. Our warranty policy is specifically in place to provide the quickest turn-around warranty offered to Canadians. We will not skimp on any materials, cut corners or abandon you in warranty. Our batteries are intended to be the safest even when misused and physically damaged. Most battery suppliers do not produce, assemble or repair their own products which causes longer wait times and less understanding of the technology. We control all aspects of our batteries making us the experts of our (and even other brands) battery technology.

Transparency is extremely important to us. The reality of being Canadian assembled is good, but most of our core materials are still produced in China. We always test and ensure all materials are up to our quality standards. At this time unfortunately, there is no reasonable North American manufacturing of most raw battery products. We look to a day when Canada is able to produce the raw components for our products. We strive to have a fully realized Canadian battery supply chain. We will be diligent in supporting local and Canadian businesses when possible.