Customized Solar Batteries

At Royer Batteries we build our own batteries so we are able to modify and customize them to fit your needs. We can design whole new products for bulk requirements. Let us know what you require and we can make it happen. There really isn’t anything that is off limits.   

The King-Pawn System

Each of our 12V batteries weigh 30kg which is low weight for the capacity but can add up quickly. If you want a 48V battery in a single case using our high-capacity cells, it would weigh close to 120kg. Connecting separate 12V lithium batteries (if possible) is limited to a max of 4 series connections. With 12V Bluetooth BMS batteries you would have 4 different BMS that can could be monitored. Due to these limitations, we developed a single BMS battery that can have outputs of 24V, 36V, 48V, 60V, 72V or more. We call it the “King-Pawn” battery system. With our King-Pawn system we only have one BMS in the single “King” battery casing. The BMS in the King battery is voltage specific and corresponds to only one voltage chosen pre-fabrication. With the “Pawn” battery, we have no BMS at all, however there is a 5-pin connector along with a typical positive and negative main. Each Pawn just requires:
1) Connection of the 5-pin connector per Pawn to the King battery
2) Connect the main terminals in series with all Pawns and King battery
This is all that is needed to fill the requirements of the BMS. With this system you can pick any number of Pawn batteries to each King battery. Although the system must be made to a specific voltage, it makes the whole battery modular, portable, for any voltage, and with just one BMS. For example, if you require 60V, you would have one King battery and 4 Pawn batteries. The King battery would have 4 of the 5-pin connectors for the Pawns to connect to, then just wire in series as you normally would for 60V. Please ask if the King-Pawn system is a fit for your needs.